The Importance of Kalonji Oil in Fighting Coronavirus

The Coronavirus disease has affected more than 500000 people around the world until now the number of coronavirus cases worldwide is constantly increasing. The majority of the countries in the world are forced to impose a complete or partial lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This situation has affected many industries and businesses and it is expected to continue in the coming days as well.

Facts About Coronavirus

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is an infectious disease and it is spreading rapidly around the globe. The need of developing a vaccine for coronavirus is getting stronger with every single day. People all around the world are made aware of the coronavirus symptoms and basic safety tips like social distancing and self isolation.

If we look at the numbers, only about 3-4% of infected people die because of coronavirus. As per the researchers, it can be very dangerous for elderly people and people with lower immunity. Hence, it is a wise decision to strengthen your immune system, in addition to wearing face masks, hand washing, and social distancing to avoid coronavirus infection.

What is Nigella Sativa Oil (Kalonji Oil)?

Nigella Sativa Oil, also known as Kalonji Oil or Black Seed Oil, is procured from Nigella Sativa – a medicinal plant that is widely used in various traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda and Unani. This plant is native to south and west Asia and it is also known as Kalonji. Nigella Sativa Oil is known for its anti-diabetic, anti-hypertensive, anti-cancer, immune-modulatory, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, gastro-protective, and anti-oxidant properties.

Kalonji Seed

Kalonji Oil – A Powerful Solution to Boost the Immune System to Avoid Coronavirus Infection

Kalonji Oil or Black Seed Oil has been used since ancient times for the treatment of various diseases. Numerous studies have been conducted on Kalonji and it was found that Kaloji Oil contains more than 100 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can help in boosting the immune system in about 8-12 weeks. As it is found that people with low immunity power have a higher risk of coronavirus disease, Nigella Sativa Oil can be a very powerful solution to improve your immune system to protect yourself from coronavirus disease infection.

Kalonji Oil

Black Seed Oil Properties and Coronavirus Disease

Researchers have found that the usage of Black Seed Oil gives more energy, vitality and better health. In addition, people who use Kalonji Oil are less prone to illnesses like diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer and many more. In short, Black Seed Oil improves immunity in the human body and it minimizes the risk of getting infected from diseases like coronavirus.

Besides, using Kalonji Oil, it is important to follow the safety tips and guidelines issued by health experts and authorities. Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets so it is important to maintain a safe distance from other people, wear a face mask and washing hand with soap & water or using hand sanitizer.

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