The Impeccable Health Benefits of Kalonji Oil/Nigella sativa Seeds

Also known as black cumin, Kalonji or Nigella seeds are well known for their medicinal properties. The scientific name of the herb is Nigella sativa, and it is from flowering plants of buttercup family. Though the herb is also used for other purposes, it possesses more health benefits. That said, the importance of health benefits of black seeds or kalonji oil cannot be ignored.

Habitat and growth of Nigella sativa

The herb grows up to approximately twenty-five or thirty centimeters and produces fruits with seeds. The seeds contain great medicinal properties. They are used to heal signs and symptoms of a few health ailments, plus, those seeds are also used as a flavor spice in many dishes.

Health benefits of Kalonji oil or Nigella sativa  

Out of many, the most popular use of black seeds is as a natural remedy to lose motions and bronchitis. Other than that, there are many medicinal properties of kalonji; a few of them are discussed below –

Kalonji Oil or Black Seeds

Antioxidant: antioxidants in body help remove the toxic substances that damage the healthy cells. That way, antioxidants are good to treat and prevent many diseases. Especially in cancer, heart problems, and obesity, such components can do miracles. There are many components such as thymoquinone, t-anethole, and carvacrol present in kalonji that serve as antioxidant.

Anti-cholesterol: black seeds are known to decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. They are also said to control high amounts of triglycerides and therefore keep body healthier.

Antibacterial: bacteria that causes infection in the body are deleterious to health. From a simple coughing to deadly pneumonia, bacteria can create a havoc if not treated well. Oil from Nigella sativa has shown some antibacterial properties in some research. Though it cannot be used as a sure shot antibiotic, this herbal supplement can certainly augment the process of healing of the diseases.

Anti-inflammatory: inflammation means swelling. Certain components found in the kalonji seeds oil have shown some anti-inflammatory actions when performed as a controlled study. In certain injury and infection, swelling of a body organ is quite common. Prescribing main medications along with kalonji seed oil as a herbal supplement can help alleviate inflammation from the site. According to one study, more than 40 people diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis were prescribed with 1 gm of kalonji oil daily for approximately eight weeks. The study revealed that those all who regularly followed the instructions showed great reduction on joint swelling. This, in turn, provided great relief from the disease.

Apart from the above-mentioned signs and symptoms, there are other health ailments wherein kalonji seed oil has shown great relief. For example, a special dose of the herb can help protect liver, the largest gland responsible for removing toxic substances from the body. In several diseases or adverse health conditions, liver gets affected and swells. Nigella sativa seeds oil as natural remedy helps in treating liver and brings back to its normal condition that can then fight against the damaging bacteria or any microorganisms.