Kalonji Oil Health Benefits & Applications

Kalonji is an annual flowering plant and belongs to the Ranunculaceae family- native to the south and southwest Asia. Kalonji is also referred to by other names, such as- Nigella sativa, black cumin, and nigella. It is considered to be one of the most common and used spices across the world, especially in India and middle eastern countries. The black kalonji seeds have a mixed taste of onion, black pepper, and oregano. They have a bitter test & pungent smell and are used as a seasoning with vegetables, salads, and poultry.

Kalonji Oil is extracted from the seeds and is believed to have many medicinal benefits. The black seed oil has more than 100 components of which some are still unidentified. These components work synergistically to provide several health advantages and hence is widely preferred for use by many.

Kalonji Oil Health Benefits

Oil extracted from Kalonji or Nigella Sativa seed is said to possess comprehensive protective and healing powers. It has been in use for a number of years and is labeled as “Miracle Cure”. The nigella sativa oil is used in the preparation of a number of medicines as it helps to maintain our health and develop resistance. Various medical researches are being carried out using the oil in order to invent drugs that can be used as a cure for acute health ailments.

Kalonji Oil is also used in combination with several other ayurvedic herbs for the treatment of diseases. The diseases for which it has been proved quite effective are- Hypertension, Diabetes, Cough, Asthma, Heart Attack, Cancer, Ladies Diseases, Skin Diseases, Headache, Backache, Toothache, Stomach Pain, Allergy, Polio, Paralysis, Arthritis, etc. Apart from these diseases, oil has also been preferred for use as analgesics, providing relief from pain by dampening the sensations. The black seed oil is rich in calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium and thus helps in strengthening our immune system. It also exhibits anti-bacterial, anthelmintic, anti-spasmodic, and anti-tumor properties, making it a product that holds great medicinal values.

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Kalonji Oil Other Applications

Kalonji Oil, apart from medicinal applications, also acts as a cure for hair loss. It makes the hair smoother and stronger. It is often advisable to use nigella sativa oil in migraines. By massaging the head with the oil, it provides instant relief and can be used for half sided headaches as well.  For children suffering from stomachache, kalonji oil acts as a panacea and provides quick action. For dental problems, it is often advised to rub the oil at the affected region. Cotton is soaked with the oil, extracted from nigella sativa seed, and is applied at the infected portion thus alleviating the pain.

Summary: Kalonji is referred by many names, such as- Nigella sativa, black cumin, and nigella, and is native to south and southwest Asia. It has a pungent smell and tastes bitter. Oil is extracted from the seeds and is known as kalonji oil and holds numerous health and medicinal benefits. Kalonji oil is known as a miracle cure and is used for the treatment of several health ailments. Apart from treating diseases, it is also used to lessen hair loss.

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