Applications of Guar Gum in the Pet Industry

Guar gum, also known as Guaran, is a Galactomannan Polysaccharide which is extracted from guar beans. These beans have thickening and stabilizing properties which are of great use in food, feed, and industrial applications. The guar seeds are mechanically de-husked, hydrated, milled and screened as per the required application. Guar gum are typically produced in a free-flowing, off-white powder form.

Industrial Applications of Guar Gum

Guar gum, due to its properties, find a number of applications in diverse industries. They are used in textile industries for sizing, finishing, and printing. Guar gum are used in paper industries as it provides improved sheet formation by giving a folding and denser surface for printing. They are mixed with chemicals like ammonium nitrate, nitroglycerin, etc. to act as a waterproofing agent and finds usage in the explosives industry. The Guar gum are the main ingredients in ammonium nitrate, nitroglycerin, etc. and are also used as binder or disintegrator in tablets in pharmaceutical industries.

The largest application for Guar gum is in the food Industry. It is used extensively in baked goods as it increases the dough yield. It is also used for thickening dairy products such as milk, yogurt, kefir, and liquid cheese products and helps maintain homogeneity and texture of ice-creams. It is also used in pet foods, dry and canned soups, condiments, etc.

guar gum powder

Guar Gum in Pet Foods

Guar gum are preferred as thickeners because of its ability to thicken the fluids. It is because of this property that Guar gum are such an important ingredient in pet foods as it imparts required viscosity and suspending properties to the product in can filling process. Thus an efficient filling and pet food packaging is ensured without experiencing any spillage and wastage.

Guar gum have always been an integral part of cattle or animal feed. In the earlier days, Plants of guar were cut and fed to animals as green forage. Apart from the plants, beans of Guar were also boiled and fed to cattle as it is a high protein source. The Guar meal, which is a by-product of Guar gum, is produced during the processing of Guar gum powder in industries. They are a popular feed product for the cattle and poultry as they are a rich source of protein. Guar meal is used as a replacement for protein supplements like oil cakes in ruminants due to their rich protein content.

Guar gum are considered as a good thickener for the pet foods due to its structural advantage as well. It is a polysaccharide galactomannan and contains mannan sugar chains linked with galactose side units forming side chains. These side chains give guar gum the ability to hold on to the other molecules thereby giving it good thickening property to add on to the product. They also act as high soluble fiber in pet foods and thus helps to improve amino acid digestibility in animals.


Guar Gum, with its numerous salubrious benefits, is an important food ingredient for the pet as well as cattle feeds. We, at Abdullabhai Abdulkader, provide surety of supplying high-quality Guar Gum powder. Founded in the year 1869, we have become one of the leading developers and exporters of Guar Gum powder today.