Guar Gum & Its Use in Hydraulic Manufacturing

Hydraulic machines use power from liquid or fluid to perform work. In this type of machine, hydraulic fluid is pumped to hydraulic cylinders present throughout the machine. Hydraulic systems are used in situations where there is a requirement for high power density. Hydraulics are used to ensure safety in high moving vehicles. Guar gum a naturally occurring gum is changing the picture of the manufacturing process which is exploited in the coming paragraphs.

Guar Gum

Guaran Gum a pseudonym for Guar Gum and is grown in many countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, and the USA.  With its easier solubility in cold water, it fastens the process of thickening, increasing the viscosity even at small concentrations. The chemical structure is composed of exopolysaccharide of glucose and mannose. The backbone is of a linear chain of mannose residues and galactose residues are side linked by glycosidic chains. This side linked compound structure offers a high bond viscosity in the solution.

Application of Guar Gum in Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Fracturing is the process of stimulating rock to crack open by adding some pressurized fluid. To extract oil from oil mines it becomes a necessity to penetrate the inner rock layers to expedite the oil spilling. Guar gum offers an advantage in this process. Guar gum, when added to oil wells, activates the flow of hydrocarbon from the pores of rocks. Gum properties like high viscosity and water-resistant, lubrication help in smooth and unadulterated extraction of hydrocarbon. The pressurized fluid which is added into rock vents also has guar gum as one of the components in order to widen the vent size. A hydraulic fracture is thus created by filling this fracturing fluid in significant quantity to the wellbore.

guar gum and its use in hydrauli manufacturing
guar gum and its use in hydraulic manufacturing

It is a technique of Green chemistry and is used massively these days. Pure chemical treatment has the chance of altering the crude material extraction but the use of biomaterials has substantially alleviated this issue.

Application of Guar Gum in Manufacturing

Guar gum has multiple uses in manufacturing industries. The paper industry, textile industry, oiling and mining, construction industry every single manufacturing industry uses guar gum massively in their distinctive product manufacturing. The excellent adhesive and gelling property make it suitable for use across multiple dynamics. The binding property with cement, water resistant nature in oil mining, stabilizers in the food industry are few roles to be named.

The Bottom Line

Abdullabhai abdul kader, headquartered in Gujarat has been supplying natural gums to International companies and fostering a greener and safe world. The company targets on lesser use of chemicals and urging companies to switch to bio products who can provide the same effective results. The modern day vision of shifting to green chemicals has helped this company to prosper and acclaim worldwide support.